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Hi, I’m Kara. I’m honored that you’ve stopped by, and I welcome the chance to share a little about myself and my story with you.

about me oliverI am beyond privileged to be mom to four amazing human beings (and one fabulous canine being), wife to my best friend, a devoted follower of Jesus, and a Colorado native. Like so many who live in our gorgeous state, our family enjoys a variety of outdoor experiences, including photography, hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing, snowshoeing and 4-wheeling. The more craft breweries we can find along the way, the better!

While I absolutely value the priceless education I’ve received in the field of counseling, it has been my own relationships and life experience, including significant time as a therapy client myself, that most impact my heart for my clients, and my gift of being able to empathize deeply with the hurts and issues that bring people to my door. I’ve been serving as a psychotherapist in private practice either full or part-time for most of the last ten years, working mainly with couples as well as some adult individuals also dealing with relational issues and other concerns including anxiety, depression, grief and personal growth.

about me ringsAn important part of my personal story is my own challenging first marriage. I was divorced from my first husband after 18 years together, so I have an intense understanding of the incredible heartache of a difficult or unworkable relationship. I am also profoundly grateful for a second chapter in that story, having remarried within the past year, which has given me more appreciation than ever for the blessing of a rich, thriving and healthy (though not perfect!) marriage partnership.

Not in spite of, but because of the paths I’ve walked and my Christian faith, I believe deeply in the profound worth and significance of marriage in our lives and communities. I am also convinced of the power of our most intimate relationships – challenging as they undoubtedly are – to transform us into better, more compassionate, grown-up and effective people. Coming alongside couples in distress, or who have lost the ability to connect and communicate, is truly my heart’s passion. I believe there is a world of often-missed opportunity on the other side of every crisis, and it is my honor to help partners develop a clear vision for their lives and the skills to grow both individually as well as into a stronger, better, healthier, lifelong relationship that can provide more joy than they ever dreamed was possible.